3D Animation Production

Creating dynamic, moving images in a digital environment is what we refer to as 3D animation. Whether it's the VFX in sci-fi movies or the animated characters in TV commercials, 3D animation plays a crucial role in delivering visually engaging experiences. This technology extends its reach to various industries such as advertising, printing, architecture, computer games, automotive, and more. In essence, nearly every industry finds applications for 3D animation in some form or another.

Obrinders 3D Studio has a skilled team that turns your ideas into on-screen reality. We're proud to offer visual solutions like Pre-visualization, 3D Matte painting, 3D Environmentsmodelling, concept development, 3D virtual sets, 3D Assets development, etc.


Pre-Production phase

In the first step of Pre-Production, we start by crafting the script. Once the script is ready, we move on to creating the storyboard. This includes planning out the sequence of images and defining the two-dimensional aspects – TIME and INTERACTION. Following this, we meticulously arrange the story into an animatic layout based on the storyboard.


In this phase, Research & Development plays a crucial role in enhancing our understanding of the story's meaning and goal. The design process follows, providing the design team with specific guidance on the intended design. The rigging stage brings the model to life, enabling movement along the x, y, and z-axis. Realistic motions are achieved through a series of static images creating the illusion of movement. Finally, in the rendering step, photorealistic and non-photorealistic images are automatically generated and compiled.

Post Production

After finishing the rendering process, we make final adjustments like color correction, blur, and depth. Additionally, we can add background music that

incorporated into the render at this stage.The final animation will be delivered in HD renders or versions you would prefer.

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